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Name ShyChess
Publisher jesmang
Format File
Rating 4.70 / 5 ( 5071 votes )
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– 7 different dangerous characters
– 6 heroes with 5 unique abilities
– levels hard like hell
– 4 diffrent environment
– 9 level bosses
– minigame at the end
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When a deserted community has to build a new home, the forest must be clear for a good placement of the houses. Unfortunately, the police is not interested by so many problems, so she starts to make life in the community very difficult. The hunter, the police and the bounty hunters are making the community more and more crazy and if the people of the community are not careful, they will be left without a home. The escape strategy:
Grab the money you win on the way to find a key to the tunnel and then you can run away. The hunter chasing you is very good at catching, so if you don’t grab the money you win, you may end up in jail. But the hunter is also very good at finding the people, so even if you escape, you will be easily found by her, in which case, the good luck to you.
Grab the money you win on the way to find a key to the tunnel and then you can run away. The hunter chasing you is very good at catching, so if you don’t grab the money you win, you may end up in jail. But the hunter is also very good at finding the people, so even if you escape, you will be easily found by her, in which case, the good luck to you.

How to play?
Press the B, W, A and Arrows to navigate

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Features Key:

  • Control realistic Water dynamics such as waves, drizzling rain, and slow or fast movement of water current
  • 100+ Game Assets like trees, rocks, mines, candles, minescrew and many more, which will be updated and added constantly.
  • Game-over and
    Game-over bonus
    Survive and you win!
  • Rich level-based experience system giving the players different levels with different amount of Experience Points upon each level. The Levels last as long as it takes to win the game, you will have enough time to enjoy the game and watch as your 3-dishes figure slowly but surely grow into a mighty Legendary Snake!
    Every level offers to be Endless Game with different amount of coins and Gems, Every Unique Non-lethal items will be reward to those who earn enough Experience Points.
  • Use wisely, change poison, electric weapon
    and learn More

What’s New

  • Plus More!
  • Level based experience system
  • Notification when food/dust drop
  • Show Total Clicks on every level in the bottom panel
  • Underwater interaction with 3-dishes Figure
  • You can unlock the level by reaching 999,999
  • Unlock Content and Gems
  • Double XP for each turn depending on the level you reached
  • Auto refresh for all games in the game
  • New Additional Experience System


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You control a pilot with only 3 letters, each letter can take on 6 different directions, basically forming the pilot. This way you can make a cool name.
Enter the pincode and the game unlocks.
The pincode does not effect gameplay in anyway.
You can pick 3 words.
The characters in the game can do 6 different directions. For example, the word «Keovitx» will be taken as «KOO», «Evit», «Ovt» and so on. The 6 directions are listed in the game. Your pilot then takes the following:
NOTE: if you like some of the special characters such as,,$%& and others. please take them out and play the game. They will not hurt your score or the record.


Avem is latin for bird, 888 is the lucky number. Are you the lucky bird? You are hereby challenged to set the record.
This classic arcade style flying game takes you through a ever changing landscape of objects you should avoid.
Pick as many of the portals on the trail as as you can including specials scattered here and there. They will give bonuses. or not. Your ultimate goal is to stay alive as long as possible.
In the beginning it is hard, but you will get better.
In party mode you can challenge your friends on the same device, who stays alive the longest and gets the highest score? Always at the highest speeds!
Game Play Instructions
– Create you own Pilot made of 3 words and add a pincode to secure it. They are unique!
– Select the easy, medium, hard mode.
– Start playing the game.
– Mission is to stay alive as long as possible and catch as many red markers as possible.
– Glimmers are point multiplier for a timeperiod, applies both to red and green markers.
– Scatter changes the baselines curvation for timeperiod
– Avoid all objects in your path.
About This Game:
You control a pilot with only 3 letters, each letter can take on 6 different directions, basically forming the pilot. This way you can make a cool name.
Enter the pincode and the game unlocks.
The pincode does not effect gameplay in anyway.
You can


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Welcome to the 21st century! Humanity must continue on with the development of new technologies to save the earth from being destroyed by aliens. This is where you come in! Pick up a space gun and blast some UFOs. It’s up to you to put an end to the threat that is threatening the planet.
Dead Space:
The in-game time has been frozen and many of the galaxy’s major forces are not cooperating. There is no money, no food, no power, and no way of surviving. Despite this, you must save the lives of an unknown number of sentient beings, and in order to do so, you must undertake a daring journey across a destroyed, desolate universe.Somnium:
Not your typical adventure game! This is a horror game set in an abandoned mansion. Your objective is to find a way out of the mansion, and save your sanity!

This game uses the Unity Engine. This is the most popular engine used for most of the mobile games.

The game is built for Android and iOS. It supports Xbox One, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS.

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– Add help files.

– Add settings to in-game’s settings.

– Add new weapon.
– Added dark soul souls guide.

-Added tips to dark souls souls guide.
-Added tip on how to get more bullets.

– Added mouse sensitivity.

– Added black color on the bullets.
– Decreased the speed of the game.

– Decreased the speed of the game.

-Decreased the speed of the game.
– Decreased the size of the bullets.
– Added ability to save the game.
– Added tips on how to get better results.
– Added tips on how to get more gold.
– Added tips on how to increase/decrease the number of ammunition.

– Added dark souls souls guide.
– Added voice lines.
– Added mute line.
– Added sound lines.


What’s new:

Jump Gunners Original Soundtrack (OGS) is the soundtrack for the 2014 American action comedy film of the same name (originally titled Jump This) from Cloud Chamber Productions and Hanuman Stern Pictures, Inc. It was released on CD and iTunes on July 11, 2014.

An expanded version of the original score was released in the height of the film’s promotion.

The soundtrack was nominated for a 2015 Golden Slipper Award for Music in a Motion Picture.

Background and release
Cloud Chamber Productions began production in April 2013 on their directorial debut film based on a script co-written by Shawn P. Woodbury, as well as Josh Gutser, Paul Lee, Ethan See, and Steve Robinson. Its actors assembled at a casting call held at the Las Vegas Hilton on June 23, 2013. Production began in Los Angeles on June 27, 2013, with an early October release date. The film is a jump-suited spoof which parodies 1950s superhero flicks, specifically superhero musicals, such as Captain Planet and the Planeteers, occasionally adding a random Japanese anime character or product name.

The soundtrack features lush jazz arrangements which transition stylistically between rousing Rock, swing and musical genres. The soundtrack includes various in-jokes and sound effects directly related to the film, such as references to Flint, PizzaPants and rain. Main references include members of The Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, and Diddy. The last track is titled in a Godzilla reference, as Godzilla is the largest destructive monster in the universe.

The soundtrack was released digitally on July 11, 2014, and in limited edition vinyl version on September 16, 2014 by Ocean Records. It is being sent with a collectible tin, along with a piece of various memorabilia from the film (a «sound-gazing eye hood», «name tag», «Jump-Suit», «Light-Up Fart Belt», «Flint Gadget»).

«Bang ‘Em Like You Mean It» was featured on the album due to previous proven track record having played well on radio and negatively affecting the supply of the film’s FX titles.

Track listing

Vinyl editions


External links

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Category:Film score soundtracksSingle radio button based radio button resizing?

I have a single selection based radio button


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For players who want to create their own original game!
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Requested Functions:
– Support for Japanese-language game settings
– Support for Japanese-language monster names, names of NPCs and dungeons etc.
– Ability to select the box size and line width.The Hylobates syndactylus genome.
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Other than keeping Morris, the Wizards also are seeking to deal Kirk Hinrich and anyone else who can help free up salary-cap space to sign John Wall with his restricted free agent status looming in less than two weeks. The Wizards currently have $14.2 million committed to four players – Wall, Martell Webster, Trevor Ariza and Hinrich – and would have to clear $3.6 million to offer Wall their $7.7 million mid-level exception or to sign another player – most likely Thaddeus Young or Brandon Jennings or both.

The Bulls, in league with a dozen teams, have offered Hinrich, who is one of their best shooters, a deal to stay in Chicago.

Leonsis said that would not preclude the Wizards from making a trade to bring a shooter in, but any hope of signing Wall with the mid-level exception has faded.

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