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Mini Putt Camelot is the cute little mini version of Mini Putt, but this time to match Camelot theme.
The main objective of Mini Putt Camelot is to roll the ball across the score-table to the goal to get the highest score.
There will be a pre-planned contest for small stage before releasing the game.
To qualify you need to complete the mini-stage and get the top 2 scores.
Top 2 scores will be counted for the final score.
「最大千变成星系」: 2000(用容纳高增幅名威)
For users info about players at game moment, we will give you the world rank at a glance.
(User Rank) ノー/50〜〜游戏的增加,前后差强别。【用户信息,如果难以及本游戏信息的增长情况等会被动态更


Siralim – Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Highly reactive combinations of chemicals influence how a space-traversing molecule evolve
  • Savor different styles of gameplay!
  • Mechanics based on familiar real-world molecules
  • Sneak through randomly-generated maze-like environments
  • Great graphics!
  • Played by many people and always growing


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The only way to become an expert in the bad world is to buy the maximum amount of drugs possible.
The higher your base level, the better you will be able to buy drugs with low prices and you will be able to progress faster.
Even if you lack the money to buy drugs, you can use your own money to place orders, and it will hopefully sell.
Drugs are the fuel of the underworld. You need to place the right orders to be on top of the game.


Region Overview

5 basic regions:

New Jersey

West Coast




Buy Drugs

You will need a minimum of $5 and maximum of $300 to buy drugs. You can buy as much drugs as you need in each order. Prices are fixed. The games engine only changes your base drug price. You can not buy more drugs for a lower price.
You can buy drugs directly from the dealers.

Buy from Dealer

You can buy drugs directly from dealers. You need to buy at least 10x the amount of the dealer you’re buying from.

Buy Orders

You can buy or make orders. Orders have a maximum of $30 and you will be able to order drugs from different dealers. A order will have to be completed before it can be fulfilled.

Buy Orders


Time is not limited by orders, but by order completion. Orders that run out of time are automatically canceled.


You don’t get time, but you will be notified about orders that run out of time and are canceled.

Item Collection

There are 20 random items that can be won by gambling. An item costs $0.25 each. These items can be won at the same time or separately.


The core gameplay revolves around placing orders and selling drugs. You have to manage your time. You will not get more time every game, but you will get time for each order or item collection.

A message will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen. This will indicate when you have enough time and how much time you have. It is a left arrow if you’re gaining time, a right arrow if you’re losing time and a white circle in the upper right corner if you’re gaining time and you are filling your orders and/or amassing items.

The game has a «load» menu at


Siralim – Soundtrack (Final 2022)

Using some of the tracks from the soundtracks, I have built a heavily modified form of the «original» Klang gameplay. It’s a game that exists in two simultaneous realities, each governed by a different set of rules. «Fitting in» is impossible, since there is no way to change your appearance. Klang has a deep connection to the «fuzzy place» we humans refer to as the internet.

The middle section of the game covers eight (8) levels: Train, Elevator, Top of the Tower, Cave, Pirates Bay, Overworld, City, and The Final Boss. After the game starts, the player can choose either a level, a song, or a song/level combination. The goal is to «fit in» as the song progresses. But while you can and must «fit in,» you can’t kill, so trying to kill is useless. If you fail to «fit in» before the song ends, you are sent to a new level and a new song.

The middle section of the game is a free-form, on-the-fly 1-to-8 level mapper. You can start with any song you like. Each song contains a mixture of «must fit in» beats and beats that «fit in» perfectly.

The first level, Train, has no distractions except the door you were meant to enter through. The beats that «don’t fit in» here are the same ones that don’t work in the other levels. You must get the good beats in the right order so they sound good as you play them. Keep in mind, the more things you do, the more notes you play, the more you may reveal your secret identity to your own ears. The good beats and notes that «fit in» perfectly are also the heart of your personal brand.

The second level, Elevator, takes place in the elevator that comes on screen after starting the level. You may not have time to change your choice for song, but you can jump out and select a new one.

The third level, Top of the Tower, takes place outside on a rooftop. You may or may not have enough time to change your song. The beats that don’t fit in are a section of new beats. If you use old beats from a different song, you reveal your secret identity (and then some).

The fourth level, Cave, takes place inside an extensive, labyrinthine cavern. The beats that don


What’s new in Siralim – Soundtrack:

X Pushups(MekaFighters – Pink Gerard and AM3X Pushups)

Hey Guys!! On HWC i’m trying to incorporate push ups into some of my smashes, this is a repeat of my previous video and set out to do an even better Pushup on this Punjabi dude!!
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Download Siralim – Soundtrack Crack With License Key [2022]

The world is filled with dangerous traps and perilous obstacles, and your only goal is to reach the end of the level before you die. Are you up for the challenge?
► The game has four playable characters!
► Each has their own story and specials.
► Every character has their own height, so adjust your settings so you’re the right size for the game.
► Each level has a total time limit.
► Save your game if you die.
► You can restart your level whenever you want.
► You will be able to earn coins, the currency used in the game, from defeating enemies, gathering items and other achievements.
Using Gold
In some of the levels, you can find the special «Gold» type obstacles that you need to jump on. Instead of earning coins from defeating them, defeating them will give you what you need to buy the required item.
Having enough coins to buy the item will start the boss battle.
If you lose, you will have to wait until you gain enough coins to complete the challenge.
How to Play
► The game is controlled with your keyboard.
► Use the WASD keys to move and your Arrow Keys to jump.
► CTRL key to bring up your health.
► You can also control with your gamepad.
► Press START to start a level or ESC to exit a level.
► Press Z to toggle the keyboard controls.
► Press P to toggle the gamepad controls.
► Press UP to jump higher.
► Press DOWN to jump lower.
► Press X to throw a spike grenade.
► Press L to use the special ability of the character you’re controlling.
► Press A and C to sprint forward and backward.
► Press N to turn your flashlight on and off.
► Press the Y key to use the gold item.
► Press Select to toggle the difficulty in the game.
► Press START to exit the game and choose the next game.
Have Fun!
I love creating games and I’m really happy to see people enjoy playing them as much as I do. Please send me any feedback you have about the game. It’d make my day to see you enjoy it as much as I have.
Follow me on Twitter at
Follow me on Facebook at
Thank you for playing!

A page from my brain


How To Crack Siralim – Soundtrack:

  • Download Game download from google drive link below.
  • After download click on Setup.exe file and enter your email and password and click on next.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.

News Archive:

  • Game Description & Requirements
  • Download Links
  • How to Install & Crack
  • Hotfix and patch download
  • Game Screenshots
  • FAQ

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later
Minimum 3GB RAM
GPU: nVidia GTS 250, ATI HD 2900, or Geforce 8600GTS
DirectX: 9.0c
CPU: 2.8GHz
iPad 2, 3, or 4 or iPad 1 or iPod touch 4 or later
Minimum 2048MB RAM
GPU: PowerVR SGX 535
iPod touch 3rd generation or later
Minimum 512MB RAM

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