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Play as Ichabod Crane, a schoolteacher with good intentions, trying to get back to his wife, Katrina, alive. But don’t forget about a spooky ghost called Headless Horseman, with his horseman’s head on his shoulders. Sleepy Hollow is a fear, and you’re in it!
This VR experience is playable with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Controller, but can also be played with mouse or keyboard.
What Is it About?
Many years ago in Sleepy Hollow, a young boy named Ichabod Crane had a terrible accident and woke up in a graveyard several years later having a nightmare of a girl named Katrina and the Headless Horseman. Now that you’re trapped in his nightmare, you’ll be able to find clues and figure out what’s really going on, and what Ichabod needs to do in order to escape. Can you reach the headless horseman before the clock strikes twelve?
Playable with mouse or keyboard, move through the map with WASD keys.
What’s New
Added support for Oculus Rift & HTC Vive, also added many other small improvements and bugfixes.
What do I need to Play?
Oculus Rift & HTC Vive, Windows 7 or above
Minimum VR experience is 7800 VR to play
What do I get?
Headless Horseman is scaring you while you’re having a Halloween nightmare with Ichabod Crane. The more terrified you are, the more things you can do with him and Headless Horseman, like trick or treating! Have you got what it takes to escape?
What’s next?
– After you beat this version, you get the full Sleepy Hollow experience: Episode 1 of the series of a similar level for you to enjoy
– It is also possible to buy the episodes in the store (Episodes 2 and 3).
– There are no plans to have version for Oculus Rift.
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Hello everyone, today I bring you another animated EscapeThe Vampire Episode from Tales of Escape!
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Solicitude Wake-up Features Key:

  • Gather materials and resources
  • Quick play: one round per day
  • Last player is the winner!
  • Handicraft if you want, it’s your choice if you want to help the others.
  • No team
  • No guide
  • No time limit
  • Spoils also can be acquired.
  • Play Now!


    1. Use WASD to jump up and down. If you fall, you lose.
    2. Use mouse to collect resources and controls cursor in the field.

    Key Controls

    1. Player characters:
    2. Tree
      1. Won
      2. Lost
      3. Behind
      4. Leaves
      5. Full moon
    3. Steamer
      1. Won
      2. Lost
      3. Behind
      4. Full moon
    4. Sawyer
      1. Won
      2. Lost
      3. Behind
      4. Full moon
    5. HAT
      1. Won
      2. Lost
      3. Behind
      4. Full moon
    6. LIGHT
      1. Won
      2. Lost
      3. Behind
      4. Full moon
    7. BLACK JOY
      1. Won

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        «Treadnauts is an action platformer indie in development. You play as the Treadnaut – a metal golem with the power to create and destroy any obstacle in his way.
        What begins as a side-scrolling platformer soon becomes a side-scrolling, genre-blending platformer.
        The player takes control of the Treadnaut as he swings through tunnels, runs through water, jumps over pools of water, slides down cracks, rolls on a track and flies up to the sky.»
        Key Features:
        • Non-linear Design – Different levels and experiences can be accessed at any time via a simple selection screen. Find out what happens on new levels after jumping into the screen.
        • Game-Design – Non-linear gameplay (exploration based on gameplay) allows the player to approach the challenges of the game in any way he likes, and discover numerous ways to complete levels.
        • Game-Development – The focus is on developing the gameplay first and the story second. This means that the gameplay is more important than the story.
        • Level Creation – The player can create his own levels or use the editor which allows the creation of different terrains. Additionally, the levels can contain multiplayer elements, like enemy collision or a timed obstacle course.
        • Storytelling – The game story is based on surrealism and it is told in absurdist ways. The game story is a mystery to begin with, but the player must find out what happened after the events that lead to the disaster that destroyed Earth.
        • Treadnaut Technology – Treadnauts is set in a computer simulation of Earth. Artificial intelligence is used to give the Treadnauts the necessary skills to play the different levels. This implies that the player can explore different levels without leaving the game (only to access the pause menu).
        • Freedom of Choice – Multiple endings are possible on every level. Treadnauts can jump into walls and find alternate exits. The environments on the different levels can also change after breaking some blocks.
        • Multiplayer – The game contains multiple platforms that can be used to create a multiplayer-friendly experience. Being able to play with friends has been the goal ever since the very start of the development.
        • Extensive modding support – The game has a powerful scripting system, allowing the creation of new levels and even entire games. With the help of the modding API, other developers can integrate the Treadnaut, or parts of it, into their projects


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        Hall of records Hall of records!
        We are obsessed with chess and the human spirit. We are on a journey to find the answers to life and the universe. Our goal is to create a compelling experience using the science of gameplay. We wanted to create a new era of puzzle solving for the masses, because we know that chess is hard enough, but playing chess in VR is simply impossible. We believe that this journey is the reason to play and enjoy games today and in the future!About The People Behind ItAll employees of the company, including this developer, worked in various other disciplines, bringing the idea and design to life. The very talented people at Nommo created the game’s art, programming and sound. A big thank you to James Lee, Ted Renquist and Colin Stafford for your help and support. About UsNommo, a small Indie team, was founded in 2013 and focused on bringing the best entertainment experiences to life. Our first game The Van was a fantastic success and we would like to go back to the roots and create games which focus on the core of gameplay: puzzles.
        10 high quality German voiceovers; 10 non-German language translations.
        The game is translated to all languages! This will be the number 1 priority in the future updates.Faster on desktop computers than on mobile devices!
        Several computers showed a faster performance on desktop computers than on mobile devices (iOS & Android). This is because of the lower demands on GPU on mobile devices.A word of warning: the lowest resolution of our game is not the highest resolution you can get on an Apple device or the Google Play store. The minimum resolution depends on your Apple device. For iOS devices with iPhone 4S or less, the minimum resolution is 640 x 320. For newer iOS devices (iOS 7), the minimum resolution is 960 x 640. Similarly, for Android devices, the minimum resolution is 480 x 320 for Google Play devices. For newer Android devices (Android 4.2 or higher), the minimum resolution is 1920 x 1080.The following devices will be supported at the release of Fade Out:IOS (iOS 7 and above) and Android devices (Android 4.2 or above).
        These devices have different minimum requirements, but all have enough power to run the game (GPU performance is not a factor).
        The minimum requirements depend on your device. Here are the different minimum requirements: Device(Apple/Android)Mobile Resol.IOS Devices and devices with lower CPU speed.iPhone 4s, iPhone 5,


        What’s new in Solicitude Wake-up:


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          The Funny River of Nihilism

          Herman Krook says:“Extremely, if there is one of the deepest features of our age, it is nihilism.”

          To understand what nihilesm is, you need to understand the two most crucial stages of nihilism’s history: the first is the Renaissance; and the second is man’s transition into the 20th century.

          If you want to know what any belief system actually is, you have to look at the place where it originated, and at what its primary purpose is. Take Christianity. If you understand the origins and purpose of Christianity, then you can understand what is Christianity as a belief system, and what it is not. You can also see that it is a belief system that only has the right to exists as a belief system in a milieu (the West) that identifies itself as Christian.

          Similarly, in any belief system, the primary characteristic may be something intrinsic to human nature, or it may be a social characteristic. If you can understand the origins and social function of a belief system, you have a much better shot at understanding what a belief system actually is.

          Some observant readers know that Buddhism is an ancient belief system that emerged in the Indian subcontinent, approximately 2000 years ago, which ultimately evolved into two other distinct belief systems: Hinduism, and Mahayana Buddhism. Westerners who understand the beginnings and social function of Buddhism understand how Buddhism became a religion in the West. They recognize that we are discussing Buddhism here.

          But just as that is true of Christianity, it is true of the belief systems of the New Age movement. Yes, there is a New Age religion, but that religion is not really a religion: it is more of a religion-lite. To understand that its primary characteristic or purpose is religion-lite is to understand what is the New Age belief system.

          Unfortunately, the New Age has received the worst possible characterization by those who understand it: it has been lumped into “New Agers” or “Wiccans” (while it is not a religion, it is a sect of Christianity.) Those who


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        System Requirements:

        Windows 7, 8, 10
        OS X 10.12 or later
        1GB RAM or more
        50GB free hard disk space
        2GHz processor
        Internet connection
        Sound Card: The soundcard should be stereo, and able to handle 5.1-channel audio files
        Purchased from
        from the release
        1. Go to and search for the game. You will find it on the


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