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Experience 3D landscape and the depiction of events and characters that seem to float in space.
The scenery and display effects have been greatly enhanced.
New and improved character design work with the 3D implementation.
New graphics work in 2D and 3D.
The graphics also have improved sensitivity to high-density displays.
The 3D graphics and display effects have improved lighting effects and a greater sense of depth.
New replay features added to replay movies, movie collections, and the 3D movies.
New movies with totally new contents that could not be achieved in the past have been added.
Includes the following movies.
Nagamimi no Ie -Gekijou-
A bunch of cuteness.
Chitou! Nanana no Daibouken -Gekijou-
Annoy the Nonnies!
The guy who bought his own head.
Danchi ni Odoru The Animation -Gekijou-
Another Go to a Dance!!
The Producer.
Tekkaman Blade -Gekijou-
Yakuza’s Tengu Armor.
Inosiden 1.0 -Gekijou-
The Dead Sea.
Hajime no Ippo
About the Game
The new «Tekkaman Blade» is due in the world of anime and has fought many, many times.
Among the heroes in the world, she has always sought to prove herself.
The hero of the phantom, a ferocious beast of a sword has again appeared.
She bears the ability to become a living creature.
The battle between phantom and human will end in time.
Foresee the battle between these two worlds.
About Chitou! Nanana no Daibouken
The original anime was broadcast in 1980s.
Seized by the near future as a classic television anime, it has been remembered in the past decade, and now, it has come back as an anime once more.
This is not a re-made anime, nor is it a brand-new anime.
The fusion of 3D CG video game where the heroine is a protagonist with Genga Heart and 2D animation.
This anime is also available as a re-run of the DVD and Blu-ray anime.
About Nagamimi no Ie -Gekijou-
Welcome to the home of Saya, who is always told to «Keep quiet and don’t be nosy.»


Features Key:

  • 1-4 Players
  • 19 play ready tiles
  • 5 Theme Tiles
  • Secret Set tile
  • Includes the following game components:
    • Clear plastic dice
    • Game board & Game pieces
    • Resin tokens
    • Resin tokens tokens
    • Resin tokens
    • Resin tokens
    • Resin tokens
    • Resin tokens
    • Resin token

R.S.V.P. works equally well with 2-4 players, and although the main rules text concerns 1-4 players, you can download a full set of instructions for 2-4 players

Game play:

  • Discover the meaning of ‘IV’
  • Recall a random defining moment from your own life
  • Select the 3 aces to play
  • Allocate to every player
  • Roll the clear plastic die & the themed die
  • Compare your rolled values
  • Finish your turn
  • Play is completed when all the aces are played.


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«Heroine» is a game with a strong scenario.
Because it has been able to appreciate the contributions of many Japanese women,
it features a story with time and space,
in addition to the originality of the main character,
as well as the romance of the heroine of the game.
in Japan,
this game is included in the game and for sale in the Yahoo! Game «Nanatsu no Taizai»,
in other words,
You can get an «israpil solider»!
Along with the story of the main character,
you can experience the tale of Israpil in which you can play as a heroine in the new battles.
It will introduce Israpil and Shirazu,
including the heroines of both countries.
The heroine of Shirazu is Shirazu,
also known as the last king.
His «Surround» battle is also an original battle theme.
New scenario «Israpil»
New Battles:
-battle of Shirazu and Israpil of Israpil
-Surround battle: Battle of Shirazu and Israpil of Israpil
Unique protagonist «Shirazu» of Shirazu
the protagonist of Israpil
(Shirazu and Israpil)
Fight together with
the heroine from the game.
Link to the game on «Nanatsu no Taizai»

We can enjoy the battle with Mitsuhide Akechi!
You can experience the battle of the heroines in which a new heroine was added.
You can play the battles as you wish!
-Battle of Shirazu and Israpil of Shirazu
-Battle of Israpil and Mitsuhide
Unique protagonist «Shirazu» of Shirazu
Fight together with
the heroine from the game.
Link to the game on «Nanatsu no Taizai»

We can enjoy the battle with Kojiro.
You can experience the battle of the heroines in which a new heroine was added.
You can play the battles as you wish!
-Battle of Shirazu and Israpil of Shirazu
-Battle of Israpil and Kojiro
Unique protagonist «Shirazu» of Shirazu
Fight together with


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Game «Summer Memory of Bell OST + Artbook» isn’t just a collection of music and art, it is a full experience for the listener with 10 original songs + 2 vocals as well as 18 background music and 2 game scenario themes.Q:

.NET DateTime.Parse() returning unexpected error

I’m in a bit of trouble. I have an XML-file that gets parsed using ASP.NET WebAPI 2.0. I need to set an error if the XML doesn’t match certain rules. So far so good. My problem is, I need the DateTime.ToString() value to be returned if the parsing fails. However when I use
string date = «»;
XmlNode node = _sample.GetElement(xdoc.DocumentElement.Name);
if (node.HasElements) {
foreach (XmlElement ele in node) {
if (ele.GetAttribute(«name») == «value») {
date = ele.Value;

if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(date)) {
_errorResult = new HttpError(MessageConstants.DEFAULT_RESULT_ERROR_VALUE);
} else {
_errorResult = new HttpError(MessageConstants.DEFAULT_RESULT_SUCCESS_VALUE);

_errorResult.ErrorMessage = errorMsg;

string value = DateTime.Parse(date).ToString();

I always get a FormatException, as all the dates I have in my XML are in the format dd/MM/yyyy.

Additional informations. There’s an XML-file that I can’t access. It’s on a server that’s not accessible to me. So I want to parse the file with some code using XML-Linq. I just want to ensure the value of one XML-element will be set to a specific DateTime string value if it has the right format. Currently it only works if I specifically get an error from the Parse-method, but I’m not sure that the parsing can work from a string to a DateTime-object.



What’s new:

Casual Spider Solitaire is a quick and fun way to relieve and relax. This solitaire game was designed for casual players who enjoy playing cards and solitaire games and for people who love traveling.Traveling can be both exciting and relaxing, but before you get there be sure to check out this game. No matter where you go, there are many options out there to relax and relieve stress. If you are looking for something different this game will blow your mind. This online solitaire game is a gem. When you start playing this game you are bound to lose yourself and even on your second play the game will gain control. You can either bring your phone or tablet with you while you play Casual Spider Solitaire or you can download the Casual Spider Solitaire App on your mobile or tablet. You can enjoy Casual Spider Solitaire and even practice your Spider Solitaire skills, all with the click of the mouse. This is a more than a card game, it is a world of color. Casual Spider Solitaire is quite enjoyable and relaxing. But before you pick up your card deck, make sure to find out what’s the theme of this amazing game. Then you will be ready to start exploring other areas and learn more about the different solitaire games available.

Casual Spider Solitaire: Cheat Codes

If you are stuck on a card and want to be able to get around in this game, then that is because you are going to need help in one way or another. To be able to get out of certain cards which are impossible to get out of, then you will need to use cheat codes. The cheat codes are given to you on the Solitaire dictionary page where you can read the different cheat codes. You will also be able to learn how to enter these codes from the Solitaire dictionary page. Each card can have one or two of these cheat codes, but they are mostly only meant for the last ten cards. Enter one of these cheat codes in the top row of the card and it will get removed permanently. You can go through all the cheat codes and use them with this game, but this game is easy to learn. You have to know that if you use something like this it won’t be able to be used by anyone else.

Casual Spider Solitaire: How To Play

In Casual Spider Solitaire, the object of the game is to remove all the cards from the tableau. The tableau is also known as the playing field. This deck is single pile which means that the cards are not


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[From the official Disgaea 2 site]
Enjoy a new take on the classic turn-based strategy RPG and become the most notorious Demon Lord in the Netherworld!
The story unfolds as you advance through the ranks of the Netherworld Army, ultimately becoming the Demon Lord and leader of an army of demons. There are countless ways to build an army and to conquer the Earth. As you advance through the ranks, your party will evolve and grow to utilize the abilities of the different classes. Equipment is handled in a special manner as well, where each weapon has a unique ending, depending on the situation and the strength of the enemy.
Armies gain new members as the story progresses, and new weapons appear as equipment drops. In a large-scale campaign, you will need to consider the new equipment’s effect on your party, and select from those at your disposal. Taking part in events in the Netherworld will raise your influence to new heights, and there are numerous side missions for you to take on, to gain favor with followers. There will also be special items that appear in events only, raising your ranking even more.
Players can develop their characters by choosing one of many unique classes, and can further evolve characters by raising their stats with special items found in events or purchased.
Key Features:
✓ Whether you are fighting as a Demon Lord or on the battlefield, you will develop your character through the story.
✓ A huge world of possibilities, with dungeons and side quests.
✓ Thousands of unique items, special weapons, and special skills.
✓ Classes & Character Growth: Choose your character from over ten unique classes, each with its own stat and unique tactics!
✓ Plot-Lengthening Events: Different NPCs will appear before you, and will give you different rewards. In large-scale campaigns, there are hundreds of events, both story-related and random.
✓ Lifelike H-RPG Combat: Many trials will be required to improve your characters’ combat abilities, and equipment and items will affect the outcome of battle.
Note: This game is a run-and-gun strategy RPG with an emphasis on tactics and planning. The player must stay on their toes at all times.
*All menus and information are displayed in English. Please be aware of the difference between the English and Japanese versions of this game.
As to the release date of Disgaea 3 the Ultimate in Disguise, all we have to say is that as of now


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By downloading this product you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
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If $f$ is a function with even moments then $E(f)=\frac{1}{2}\int_{ -1


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