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1. Create Containers: You have the ability to create several image containers. You can add the images to the chosen containers, or use the default, where they will be saved to the Pictures folder. You can pack several pictures into a single file, and subsequently move them in and out of the storage files that you have created. The program allows you to save the images with a specified name, index and other text captions, but also to export them individually to a chosen storage location. You can create a single container, or several image containers, and select a password to protect the files and folders. You can also use multiple passwords for various folders, if the required. 1. Image Import: At this stage you can import one or more files or images and store them, as well as save them in a specific folder. You can add password to the files, image containers, folders, and even the entire storage space. Moreover, you can choose to save the images or pack them into image containers. 1. Export Containers: You can export all the images, containers, and containers or selected images from the storage. You can choose to save them in the image containers and as *.raw file. To save the containers you can use different password or you can choose which containers to export. You can also export the images without a password or to individual containers. 1. Export Images: You can select from multiple images and export them individually to a single folder. In addition, you can export them to individual containers. You can export the images without a password. 1. Export Raw Images: You can export the images individually to a single file without a password. 1. Import and View Images: You can import the images into the program. You can view the images and select the quantity of the pictures and the option to sort them. You may also save them as *.rar, *.pdf or *.doc. The program supports both pictures and images Runs on Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 The program is in English. Freeware SiteAdvisor rating : 3.0 out of 5.0 TheScore rating : 4.0 out of 5.0 Hi, all the software that we have to publish with the cnet is the «FREE» one, the publisher program have to purchase the right. If you want to publish a freeware, it’s easy! Just select the category that you want it to be listed

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Store_a_Pic Free Download-Homepage on the Internet. Add the app directly to the Android phone, tablet or any computer or phone. This is a free program that allows you to view the photos and then recover them. The best way to keep them in a single archive to prevent accidental deletion. You can easily protect them from unauthorized access or accidental deletion. Upload the photos and choose the container to keep them private. You can also create a portable drive, quick and easy to access photos for instant review. Create an email account, from which to send the images from the Android device. Store_a_Pic is a free app from the personal development team in Android. Please rate to tell us what you think about the free program. Avisu Photo Editor is the perfect tool to edit your photo and make it look amazing. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, use its full-featured powerful features to enhance your photos and to achieve the desired result. Effortless photo editing tools With Avisu Photo Editor, you’ll find all the necessary photo editing and enhancing tools to make your photos look better. With a simple tap, you can crop, resize, draw, change colors, curves, effects and a lot more. It’s much easier than you think to get a perfect photo. No monthly subscription required There are no in-app purchases and no subscription fees. With it, you will not be charged for any kind of services. This is the best news for the users. Effortless photo editing tools With Avisu Photo Editor, you’ll find all the necessary photo editing and enhancing tools to make your photos look better. With a simple tap, you can crop, resize, draw, change colors, curves, effects and a lot more. It’s much easier than you think to get a perfect photo. Manage your photos freely With Avisu Photo Editor, you can import/export, create galleries and apply photo effects. You can easily share your favorite photos and work on them on the go. Create your own photo editing collections Have a collection of best photos? Share it to create your own photo collections and send them to your friends. Show your creativity and express yourself You can use Avisu Photo Editor to create your own design photo collections and send to your friends as a creative message. Use all the photo editing tools easily Avisu Photo Editor is simple 2f7fe94e24

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Store_a_Pic is a simple to use application that allows you to view pictures, as well as add them to a secure container, for organizing and storage. The archive you create can store one or more images and allows you to protect them from unauthorized access or accidental deletion. Import images and generate container Store_a_Pic is designed to pack the selected images into a single storage file, a database. The purpose of this action is not only to organize images on your disk but to also maintain them private. Moreover, by storing all the related images into a single archive, you can prevent them from being accidentally deleted and protect them from damage. The program exports all the individual images, as well as the containers to a specified system location. In case of saving individual files, it maintains the original name while the containers receive new, significant names. The program can export the images both in their original format or as *.raw files. Reliable image viewer Not only can Store_a_Pic pack images in a single archive, for safe keeping, but it can also read the file and display the contents in its interface. Large images are instantly resized. You may add text captions to each picture, you may index them or save them with their original names. You can easily export them in their original state or create a thumbnail of them. Simply click on the Export Pic button to save the images in the original format. The program allows you to load the picture containers, to view their contents, then extract the pictures to the selected location. Quickly recover the images Store_a_Pic allows you to store important images in a secure space, such as the containers that it can generate. The storage files are also saved as *.raw files, but cannot be opened by another program. To undo the file compression, you can load the container into the program, then you can export the pictures. 1 Screenshot 3 Reviews 6 by SupB 0 Works great! Has all the features you’d expect from a nLite based software. 5 by BrowserSpy_ 0 Greatly appreciate the option to export the pictures as a JPEG 1 by be4rz 3 No thank you. Reviews 4 by BrowserSpy_ 0 Greatly appreciate the option to export the pictures as a JPEG Works great! Has all the features you’d expect from

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• Just view images in a safe and open format, without modifying the original source code. • Select the images you want to archive and immediately store them in a secure container. • No installation; Portable and up to the date application. • Export the images from your secure container to the original storage. • Import the original data without compression. • Find the image with important details such as date, name and location. • Restore the container to the original state. • Free install / Portable / Up to date! # View_a_Photo, View_a_Gallery, View_a_Gallery_II View_a_Photo – Viewer of images, used for viewing, browsing and optionally, printing them. View_a_Photo is a simple tool that can be used to view and manage images located in one or more folders, zip archives, etc. The program displays the image files in a list along with image information. The interface of the program allows you to view, change, filter and copy/move images in a list mode. The program supports most image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. You can print the image in a specified format using the built-in printer. You may save the images, delete them or open them in another viewer. View_a_Gallery – Gallery for viewing images. View_a_Gallery – is a simple picture viewer that allows you to view a directory of images or a file archive in a collection of frames. The interface of the program shows you a list of all image files, and allows you to select them for viewing. The program also shows you the image properties such as image size, date and location. You can select a particular image for opening, changing or printing. You can add a caption to the image. You may view images without leaving the application. You may save the images in a single list or zip archive file, allowing you to recover them later. You may print the images in a variety of formats. You may preview thumbnails of the images, or display the images in landscape, portrait, or custom view. * View_a_Photo * View_a_Gallery * View_a_Gallery_II (This project is not new. This project is widely used in the public. You may download the file for free here: ) # View_a–o

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Supported OS: Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 Drivers: Windows 10; DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.2 compatible GPU Win 7, Win 8; OpenGL 3.2 compatible GPU Previous Posts Editing Gear on Xbox One (or PlayStation 4)Oregon Ducks baseball The Oregon Ducks baseball team represents the University of Oregon in the sport of baseball. The Ducks participate in the Pac-12 Conference of the NCAA Division I and play their home games at Goss Stadium. The program compet

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