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Hope you like this simple game, which reminds us the movement of the cat.
Thanks for playing.

Released by: zingipad/Nyarung

Game Stats:

Game Description:

Use your imagination to overcome challenging obstacles and guide the ‘Cat’ back to his friends!
Join the mysterious journey of the ‘Cat’ with a camera!
Use Mysterious Camera to explore new places. With ‘Shutter Nyang’ unique Camera Action mechanism, play the game with your own style! (Camera Action mechanism is specifically explained down below)
Complete the pictures with memory of the Cat and his friend, little girl. Photos were damaged by the fall! Find missing objects in the photos with the Cat’s fading memory.
Collect various Posters! There are various posters all around a world. Collect them and display them on the poster room!
Multiple endings! Players will affect the fate of the Cat and little girl. Various ending awaits you, from Happy ending to ridiculous endings!
Enjoy over 30 original music!

Shutter Nyang is an excellent game. The Cat and his friends needs your help! Let’s explore the mysterious world together and find the answers. The story is simple, «The Cat is lost in the forest. His friends are waiting for him. Use the camera to take photos and find hidden objects.» They have a Map and there are various objects. Use the camera to capture objects by hitting them with the «Key» in front of you, and come back to save the Cat.

Note: This is a camera action game so you will need a camera. There are many fun things you can do with the camera. Don’t worry, if the camera does not have a key, the game will still allow you to play with it.

Enjoy playing a new game!

Please feel free to leave a comment to improve the game even more.


In order to simply you, the great
devs did a great jigsaw puzzle for you.

In my opinion, it is great to play as it would be similar to the games I play
because the game is very easy to understand and easy to play.

Intuitive controls make it easier and simpler to understand the game, but also it has various levels.In a non-obvious but perhaps not surprising way, this is the best of the best pop music playlist for a lazy afternoon.


Features Key:

  • A new nation for the Christian and the Catholic world
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    3.5.0 Update 1

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    • Item name now shows in Stats panel once per week
    • “Elective Pope” condition was rendered too strong in simulation (finally)
    • New method, “Assign Religion Nation”, to assign any empty nation to any religion.
    • Slightly increased earning potential of Ultramontanes
    • Increased impact of Cultural Exchange
    • Added new tax types to make tax policy stronger
    • Added new diplomacy event, “Dissolution of Papal States”
    • Added new variation of merging Holy Orders. Holy Orders get either a new nation or a dynastical bonus to boost Warscore

    1.5.3 Update 1

    Spamming Info

    • Fixed issue with Islamic Militias building more industrialists than they could possibly want
    • Fixed issue with Attrition not functioning correctly in some scenarios
    • Fixed issue with Turkish conscript contracts not working, was causing contract spending on conscripts to not work
    • Fixed issue with spending Religious Orders converting your Faith
    • Fixed issue with Military Order bonuses not working when they should
    • Fixed issue with losing Attrition ability when built outside Paris
    • Fixed issue with declaring outside of Eu4.01
    • Fixed issue with Netherlands, technically being invader nation in Spain. These conscripts fit in for lists easily.
    • Improved performance in some rare cases.

    Additional Changes

    • Added new religion, Apostolic Use
      • Religion Spread modifiers have changed
      • A number of new Religious Orders
      • New Religious Techs – College of Cardinals, Papal Electoral College,


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        Haruka Sugimoto is a typical hentai game girl, she’s a little cheap and she’s also a rude kuudere.
        Of course her parents are proud of her and they don’t mind her being called a kuudere for the sake of being a lead girl in a hentai game.
        In fact Haruka Sugimoto is working part-time at a game studio so she’s not doing too bad for herself.
        Despite her parents belief there is one downside, her kuudere personality may ruin the game, or
        may cause tension among the players. Haruka Sugimoto is on the verge of giving up on her hentai career because of her hentai game company.
        Will she be able to be the kuudere she loves the most? Or will her parents get angry one day and kick her out of the family?
        As for you, one of her hentai game customers…
        What are your thoughts?
        If you are one of her customers at Love in the Limelight,
        then your job is to help her make friends. You’re the one who’s keeping her company.
        If you do your job right, she will make friends with other customers.
        Then she’ll invite them to make friends with her.
        And then you, the player, will get to make friends with them, and then she’ll make friends with
        all her customers.
        Huh? That’s weird! What kind of a job is that?
        What the heck am I doing here, right? Just did I become the hentai game company’s
        fucking personal assistant?
        Hello….? Where are you?
        If you mess up, she’ll blame you. Even though she’s not really mean at all, she can be very petty.
        She’ll bring you up on all the bad things you’ve done that day and you’ll get blamed for that.
        She’ll be reluctant to talk to you for a while, but as time goes on she’ll learn to trust you more.
        But I think she’ll probably kick you out soon…
        If you believe in the love in the limelight premise, then you’ll know what I’m talking about…
        Even though it’s only a game, there’s still lots of emotion in this world.
        We’re all in it together, whether she knows it or not. If you believe in that kind of concept, then you will understand that there is love in the limelight.


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        Big sale in the shop now – 40% off the entire store. Play Tetragon and buy all of our other games for up to 80% off.
        This update contains balance updates to the Escape Deck.
        *Please note, the one ability that can move multiple tiles will now move only 2 tiles per use.
        *It is now also possible to have your character move left and right when you use the Ability «Bolus».
        *Additional Improvements and Fixes
        – Various Mission Records and Reward entries had incorrectly showed «Hidden» when they were meant to be «Normal».
        – Shortened «A Carved Arrow»’s animation.
        – «A Carved Arrow» now uses 5 more moves to complete its animation.
        – Number of captures from which each capture is spent can now be seen in Mission Records.
        – Collecting a stack in “The Disposition” now shows that stack’s total amount remaining.
        – Boss Monsters in the game now drop a new item – a Geomantic Item.
        – Additional improvements to the Mystery Dungeon area of the game.
        – Several additional changes and improvements to the game.
        PS. The Mystery Dungeon changes are intended to make it easier to find items from the Mystery Dungeons. We are not currently expanding the Mystery Dungeons.
        •P R E S S L E A R N A N E M O R A A N Y T R I O G O N S E A T I O N P L A Y P L E A C H E N T W A I T
        Special Thanks To:
        – Origin – Your release of the game for all iOS devices.
        – The Android community – Your support for the game.
        – Steam – Your Steam profile.
        – Game Crafter – Your sales support.
        – Alpha Wall – Your dedicated alpha testers.
        – Silentmichi Games – Your love of our style of games.
        •S C R A P S O U R C E S P O N D I N G S P R I N C E S
        I want to start off by thanking for the incredible job you guys


        What’s new in TimeToDie:

          “By your leave, Lord Aquarian. You know where you are. Consider yourselves under a clean slate. Now, Merlin!”

          Announced by the voice of the Lord chancellor, each of the two prisoners was led by their guards through a door in the far wall and through another series of halls. They went from hall to hall until they came to a huge open space with huge curved stairs leading up and down, like open drainways. Their guards told them the stairs led to the dungeon, where the two former kings still languished, clinging to the walls of the Jail. They passed another guard who stopped their first escorts, allowing their guards to continue on before him. A postern door, the kind with things sliding backwards, opened off the huge room and as they walked by, another double set of guards came through pushing a cart, carrying their old furniture. They stopped just below the postern door. The guards lifted off the heavy brass hinges the wooden supports and pulled them out. One of them instructed the prisoners to be forthcoming. “I want my stuff put back where it was. Also, I’d like to have my armor, sword, and cloak cleaned of any dust.”

          “As you command, Lord Chancellor.”

          He leaned forward and dropped a considerable weight on the descending door, and it snapped shut with a bang. He turned and leaned back against the wall. “Listen carefully. The three of you are going to go up those stairs. If you go down any of them, we’ll know you’re going for help. So, we’re going to be very close by. Every door you come to has a single guard on it. One of us is always going to be behind it, expect none. When you get to your cell, we’re going to give you a couple of double strength guards. You will use all of their attention if you want. But, if you listen carefully, you may find I’ve told you the right thing. Now, move on. Be careful. If I haven’t told you the right thing, you’ll get yourself stuck in a position from which you can’t move.”

          Merlin blew, turning his staff into a storm cloud with a booming voice and a flash of red lightning. “Storm it is!”

          “Let’s go.


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          Quests and Champions are now in a cross-over universe in Feeding Frenzy: Champions! Each week you’ll have a new champion and a new quest. You’re already part of that universe but now you can be a part of the Champions universe too. The more champions you have, the more quests you unlock! Join the Feeding Frenzy: Champions universe and fulfill the quests you have. Unlock more at each tier. All champions and quests are denoted with a unique icon. Each one has an associated Champion Skin for you to unlock in game and a gilded medal that you can view in the Multiplayer panel to earn extra progress when reaching the same level. Gold and Silver medals you unlock in Feeding Frenzy: Champions will also count as progress in the original Feeding Frenzy. We hope you love the feed! You can also download the companion app for Feeding Frenzy: Champions in Google Play and App Store!The question is, where do you fit in?
          Feeding Frenzy: Champions is a 2D action RPG where you play as a blue furry creature called a Royal. You have gained the ability to speak to animals and can team up with them for team fights. The main events are the weekly Feeding Frenzy where you’ll battle against other Royal Champions and earn in-game loot! But you have to be careful in these events because fighting in events could lose you the ability to speak animals and if you lose too much health you’ll be forced to sit out the events. You can also team up with other Royal Champions in Raids to take on bigger monsters and uncover secrets.
          (11) Seasons – Each Season has over 50 quests! Every quest and champion has a seasonal counterpart. You can visit any events in any season that aren’t locked to a specific season.
          (11) Quests – Each quest will earn you a Gold Medal for the one related Champion.
          (15) Supports – Supports are events where you can place down an item to help your allies. These items will remain on the field even after an event ends.
          (11) Medals – You can earn all Medal types for all Champions.
          (150+ more) Collectables – Every progress made counts for both Feeding Frenzy and Feeding Frenzy: Champions!
          (11) Support Bundles – Supports in a bundle can be used together in your party! You can also purchase a premium bundle to get multiple items at one discounted price. If you get an item bundle, it will become a free-to-play item.


          How To Install and Crack TimeToDie:

          • Burn CTFEZ on a CD
          • Burn LTFEZ on a CD
          • Run LTFEZ.exe
          • A window will pop up. Select your language then hit OK.
          • First time playing? Run the «Steam Fix» (See Binaries in the Downloads section) It might ask you to restart the computer, do so.
          • Install the game.

          How To Uncrack Game FEZ:

          • Run the LTFEZ.exe again
          • Select the «Uncrack game FEZ» option
          • Install FEZ.exe

          Installation Notes:

          • Windows 7, 8, 10
          • Mac OS
          • Guess what, it’s not too difficult to install because everything is already in a simple folder.

          Go Play!

          Here are the 5.0.0 Merged FEZ files which was created by RTFEZ Dearest

          Any FEZ files on your computer can use them directly!


          How can I achieve a fully mixed-colored holokino-like lighting effect in the final version?

          Not all programs on FEZ work in all versions!

          The one FEZ uses is «Invisimotion V5». If you are uncertain if this program works on the linked version of FEZ here.

          • However, unlike «Invisimotion V7», Invisimotion V5 doesn’t overwrite the «all» or «move» files!
          • All you need to do is move the.ini «specular» file to the same directory as your «lights» file.


          System Requirements:

          Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 Home / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate
          Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (3.2 GHz) or AMD Phenom
          2 GB RAM
          3 GB available disk space
          1280 x 1024 display resolution
          Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 5870
          DirectX 9.0c or OpenGL 3.3 capable
          DirectX Update installed
          As with all games on Gameroom, the installation requires a reboot after the installation process. You can install the game via Steam.


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