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Tips for Getting Scholarships to Study in Japan – The first way is that you must be able to speak Japanese. This requirement is the main requirement that must be met if you want to be accepted at universities in Japan. This is because the majority of lectures use this language.

Tips for Getting Scholarships to Study in Japan

1. Able to speak Japanese

For those of you who already master Japanese, that is an advantage because all you have to do is prepare other registration requirements. Meanwhile, for those of you who are not proficient and master Japanese, you have to learn it first. You can take a Japanese language course so that you can master it in no time.

2. Have a Language Certificate

If you don’t have an English certificate yet, you have to take a test first. Don’t forget to look for information about what the minimum score is to be accepted at the destination campus. If you have plans to continue studying in Japan, it is advisable to prepare in advance.

3. Update Regarding Registration Schedule

The next way to study in Japan is to know the enrollment schedule at the intended campus. Usually the schedule for registration and exams on each campus can be different, depending on the determination of each college. Therefore, you must continue to monitor the schedule. It should be noted that university entrance tests will usually be different from the national entrance exam schedule.

 4. Registration Schedule Update

For those of you who will register at a campus in Japan, you are required to make a CV. The goal is for the purposes of sending proposals to professors on the destination campus. Make the CV as good and interesting as possible. You can look for CV references for college application on the internet.

This exam is usually conducted simultaneously in Japan and abroad. In one year two tests are usually held, namely in June and November. Before taking this exam you have to study and practice a lot of questions. For practice test questions can be obtained at various listed institutions.

Those are 5 ways to study in Japan that must be considered. For those of you who plan to study in Japan, it is hoped that the information above can help. Don’t forget to prepare all the requirements well.

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