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I made this after spending a vast amount of time in the wonderful world of VR. While daydreaming one day I put the headset on and I couldn’t stop. The two hours I spent there, and the demo I had on daybreak, transformed my entire day. The experience was so vivid, tactile, and felt alive to me – there was no way I could come down until night time.
I want to replicate that same experience I had that day for you.
When you start the game you’re in a white void… that’s it.
… that’s it.
… that’s it.
After about 3 – 4 minutes the first alphabets will emerge.
From there on out you’ll be free to make your own discoveries.
The more time you spend in the world the more you will learn, the more you will learn the more you will learn… So much so that you will feel like you just learned a new language for the first time.
Once you learn one letter your mind will change to accept that as the only truth and you will be free to believe whatever you want.
And what you believe is your choice.
As for the materials you need to make yourself move…
You’ll start with a simple ball…
…and you’ll use your own body to draw with it.
You can use the range of colors and shapes you find to expand your creativity and come up with words you didn’t even know existed in the real world.
If you are interested in the material you’ll be drawing with the game…
Head over to our Facebook page to find out more.

Technical info:
This is a Unity3D Project which can be imported into Unity without issues. It uses a mixture of Soft Image Renderer, Decal Screen, and ambient occlusion.
Art assets have been updated and modified from
Kinese – Example

This Content is inspired by:

System Requirements:
*Minimum system requirements:
-Intel Quadcore i5 or AMD Ryzen 7
-Intel HD Graphics 6xx or AMD Radeon R5xx (minimum)
-Windows 10
*Recommended system requirements:
-Intel i7 – Intel HD Graphics or AMD Radeon R9


Features Key:

  • These no work No down load.exe files
  • 100% Time Play
  • Supports up to 8 players


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A collaboration with GameClay Technics to bring you the only realistic revolver in the market.

Welcome to my YouTube channel. I take a look at various games and talk about them.
I’ll also talk about other things that catch my eye. Subscribe, hit the Like button, and stay tuned for more.

A collaboration with GameClay Technics to bring you the only realistic revolver in the market.

Welcome to my YouTube channel. I take a look at various games and talk about them.
I’ll also talk about other things that catch my eye. Subscribe, hit the Like button, and stay tuned for more. and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

9 Mar 2020


Selective Radiosynovectomy in a Rabbit Model of Inflammatory Arthritic Knee Osteoarthritis

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Cryptography is possibly the most interesting technology in the computer science world today. Cryptography allows users to send messages to one another anonymously, and prevents outsiders from reading these messages.

Cryptography is not just used for sending messages though, it’s also used to protect resources against corruption. In these types of applications, the messages need to be encrypted, but when the messages are decrypted, they are usually decrypted to a «buffer» of data – a space where encrypted messages are held. In order to get to this space, the messages have to be passed through an encrypter, and then decrypted.

Cryptography is not without its problems though. An encrypter usually takes a very long time to process data, and if that encrypter is in a public place, people can take advantage of this by sending their own messages instead of waiting to send their «buffer» messages. To counter this, the concept of «streaming» is built into most cryptographic algorithms.

Wrapping up: By encrypting and decrypting data, it takes off the authorization of who can access it, and re-authorizes access to be sent over the network. Because the data is encrypted, there is a possibility of unauthorized access to it, but it also means that we must trust the person/company that is receiving it.

Below is a basic example of what this would look like:

In a nutshell, an web server receives a request. It recognizes the request is for a file, encrypts the file, then sends the file back to the web server’s customer.

Now, if the web server’ also wanted to view the customer’s request:

The web server relays the request to the webserver’s own «encrypter» which uses the «encryption» key, and the encrypted data is returned to the customer.

Now, if the web server wanted to view the customer’s request to get to the file:

The web server relays the request to the web server’s own «encrypter» which uses the «encryption» key. Now because the encrypter is local, it does not have to go to a remote location to use the «encryption» key, the encrypter can decrypt the data locally. Now with the customer’s data is decrypted, it’s sent back to the web server’s customer.

With this in mind, you can better understand why I


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