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The addition of tabs to web browsers represented a major leap in practicality and flexibility. Tabs can also be a feature of documents and other applications to make work a lot easier. With this in mind, WindowTabs comes with the means to help you organize almost all desktop windows and elements in tabs, even if not related.
Every window fitted with a tab
It’s best to first make sure that .NET Framework is installed on your computer because it’s a mandatory requirement for functionality, even though modern Windows iterations come with it as a default feature. Moreover, there’s also WindowTabs Portable you can carry around for even more flexibility.
With no restart required after installation you can go ahead to see what the app is all about. You instantly see the difference on any active window, because there’s nothing forced or grouped together by default. Instead, each window is fitted with a tab above the upper border, and dragging it makes it possible to combine it with another instance in a similar manner you handle tabs in two instances of a web browser.
Create layouts and customize visuals
It might seem like you already benefit from all the flexibility you need, but the application can be heavily customized for more comfort. On the one hand you can choose to exclude specific programs from being targeted, or choose to automatically group instances of the same type, or even different windows together.
On the other hand, you can take the time to launch all application you frequently use in order to create a custom layout. This can be saved so every time programs from the specific layout are launched they’re automatically grouped.
Tabs only sit in the upper part of the window, but there’s enough room so they don’t interfere with anything, especially since they can be set to automatically slide in and out on mouse interaction or lack of. Colors can be configured to make it feel personal, while advanced behavior settings come in handy for converting the task switcher to tab switcher, configure navigation hotkeys, and make it run on startup.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WindowTabs is a powerful tool which provides almost the same flexibility when working with multiple monitors. It allows clever customization of your workspace without ever having to feel overwhelmed when working with multiple active programs and windows.







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Don’t waste time switching between windows and switching between tabs.

Display card




With tens of thousands of satisfied Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users at our disposal, we’re proud to report that our software is well received by users who like to keep their system is state-of-the-art and easy to use.


Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users can download the Windows 7 version of WindowTabs for free.

In order to get the full functionality WindowTabs requires the.NET Framework to be installed.
You can download the Windows 7 and Windows Vista version from the Windows XP page. If you are Windows 7 or Windows Vista user, click HERE to download WindowTabs.NET Framework 1.1.Cypriots Accept High Austerity Measures

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▪ Provides a tabbed interface for any window including documents, programs and applications.
▪ Comes with a free and free trial version.
▪ No restart required.
▪ Customize visuals of each window.
▪ Can group instances of the same type.
▪ Automatically adds all instance of the same program to a layout.
▪ Can find and restore tabs based on program names.
▪ Can exclude program from a layout.
▪ Select the tab that is shown when an instance of the same application is selected.
▪ Send window to a specific tab.
▪ Add and remove tabs.
▪ Drag and drop tabs.
▪ Add/remove edges to the tabs and windows.
▪ Add/remove movable sections.
▪ Configure navigation hotkeys.
▪ Start WindowTabs on startup.
▪ Can run every time you start an application.
WindowTabs Key Features:
* Double-click to open an application.
* Drag and drop tabs to create a new layout.
* Click on an icon to send a window to a specific tab.
* Move the tabs.
* Auto-save.
* Configurable browsing.
* Configurable tab names, edge names, and colors.
* Configurable border and color.
* Configurable preferences dialog.
* Configurable restart on startup.
* Configurable tray button.
* Configurable visibility of program-related windows.
* Configurable program-related profiles.
* Configurable launch based on program name.
* Configurable launch on startup.
* Configurable startup actions (opening program pages).
* Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
* Configurable settings.
* Configurable restart on error (in free version).
* Configurable restart on crash (in free version).
* Configurable border spacing (in free version).
* Configurable tabs spacing (in free version).
* Configurable hot keys (in free version).
* Configurable edge settings (in free version).
* Configurable edge coloring (in free version).
* Configurable sizes (in free version).
* Configurable version (in free version).
* Configurable theme (in free version).
* Configurable customization (in free version).
* Configurable border thickness (in free version).
* Configurable transparency (in free version).
* Configurable border decoration (in free version

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Desktop Tabs and Tab Switcher – Clean and simple tabbed software for creating a multitabbed window with swappable content. A tabbed desktop display can improve your experience. It’s faster than browsing your desktop by using tabs on top of it.

Similar software shotlights:

Desktop Tabs 3.3 — Desktop Tabs is a free, easy to use utility for organizing your desktop. Desktop Tabs and Tab Switcher is a clean and simple tabbed software for creating a multitabbed window with swappable content. A tabbed desktop display can improve your experience. It’s faster than browsing your desktop by using tabs on top of it. Create a new tab, make a window into a tab, put tab windows into a tabbed window, and check out what comes to mind.

Tab Switcher 1.01 — Tab Switcher is a desktop app with powerful tabbed browsing capabilities. Tab Switcher lets you organize your desktop using individual tabs so that you can focus and work on only one thing at a time without disturbing other things.Tab Switcher is a desktop app with powerful tabbed browsing capabilities. Tab Switcher lets you organize your desktop using individual tabs so that you can focus and work on only one thing at a time without disturbing other things.

You may already know it, but we’re big fans of tabbed browsing in general. Now let us be the first to introduce you to one of the best tabbed browsers around, WindowTabs. Let this clean, simple, and easy to use tool organize your entire desktop for you and help you get things done quickly and easily.It may seem like it’s a lot to organize your desktop for you, but with WindowTabs you won’t have to do any of the work. Windows could not be any simpler.

Why use WindowTabs?

The main reasons why you should use WindowTabs are that it’s

Clean and simple


Faster than browsing your desktop by using tabs on top of it.

Tabbed containers

Multiple Desktops support


No documentation

Only available for Windows.NET Framework 2.0

No Windows 7 port available

As much as we like WindowTabs, it isn’t perfect. Maybe that’s because it’s a free application, but not all that many people are going to buy it. Or maybe that’s because it isn’t really a very good application,

What’s New in the?

This software will make your multitasking a bit easier by making it possible for you to rearrange all the windows in a application you need to work with. You get the ability to drag and drop windows by their names (or window types) and make them handy in any order that works best for you.
Main features:
-Allow you to rearrange all window of the same type
-You can drag all windows except for the taskbar
-With the guidance of the taskbar it’s possible to grab a window and drag it in the order you want
-Tabs are placed next to the upper part of the window, so they don’t interfere with other elements
-You can select colored tabs and change them to suit your need
-Allows you to make any window of a specific type (such as Word documents, Facebook posts, etc) to always be open in a specific tab
-It is possible to save all layouts you create
-Keep up with hotkeys assigned to windows of a certain type to make life easier
-Works with any open application
-Allows you to include or omit specific programs when creating a layout
-You can find out more about WindowTabs at
Work with WindowTabs Screenshot:
WindowTabs is an application which allows you to reorganize
all windows of a type inside the taskbar. You can rearrange
your tasks, move them to organize what you want to deal with
first, and easily grab a window by dragging and dropping it
in the order you want. You can also make the window of a
specific type to always be open in a specific tab, creating
invisible tabs in the space of the taskbar.

//Note: On 64-bit Windows, this is 64-bit.
typedef HANDLE hMainWindow;

//Making sure we can return something
void returnValue();

int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmd

System Requirements For WindowTabs:

For optimal performance, you will want to play on a good gaming PC.
If you are using a Mac, please see the Project Cycles section.
Keep in mind that this game is free-to-play.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me.
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