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[App features]
New levels, boss, music, and more for free!
Enjoy the same Asteroids gameplay you know and love with a little bit of polish!
•Story mode
A simple story mode where you must conquer ten levels and try to defeat their bosses.
You can also fight the game through Boss Battle where you have no time limit.
•Challenge mode
A harder version of the story mode where you try to get a high score.
Get a time bonus and see how far you can go!
Showcase your best scores and other details of your game play.
•Battle mode
A full game mode where you must collect as much space Juice as possible while trying to survive.
•Space Barrel Mode
Defeat as many enemies as possible and drink this special space Juice!
•Arcade mode
A game mode which is the same as the story mode, but shorter.
•Game tips
Auto-saving, auto-refresh, and auto-center options are included and will help you get the most out of your game play.
To provide the best gaming experience possible, we also offer you an option to share your game play by posting it to Facebook.
Please note that when you share it, it automatically saves your game play before posting it.
Feel free to explore in-app purchase and try the full version and unlock the extra features in-app.
Don’t worry if you don’t find what you’re looking for. You can filter the featured items by choosing which difficulty level you’d like to play on.
If you like the game, please consider leaving a review in the Game Center! Thanks for trying Asteroids Maneu


Features Key:

  • Evolve and colonize space
    • Explore different worlds, including Jupiter and Titan
    • Find resources, rival colonies and a unique way to interact with different worlds
    • Viral alien invasions through space
  • Discover new weapons from a universe of three unique planets
    • Discover the basic rules of the game and evolve the different types of weapons
    • Find useful resources and weapons
    • Capitalize on clever ways to interact with the environment of your opponents
  • Defeat your opponents through new mechanics like gravity, bouncers, bombs and more
    • Teach your opponent to keep track of the gravity of the planets
    • Organize a revolution and deploy a machine to influence the gameplay of your opponents
    • Increase the resources of the planet and increase your advantages
  • Pinball VR is the perfect combination of physical and virtual reality.

    Download Pinball VR demo to make the most of it.


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RhythmSlinger is a kinetic trick-based VR rhythm shooter that generates fast-paced levels from any.mp3 file. It is a turn-based game where players physically shoot up and interact with the environment, trigger beatmap-based gameplay, and kick back their weapon as they hit a Coilsphere to «recoil» with a spin. Players are free to explore the single level arena or master its core gameplay with the 20 tracks included in this game.
Gameplay Features:
⦿ Shoot Beatspheres as their beats land
⦿ Kick back your weapon as you hit a Coilsphere to «recoil» with a spin
⦿ Charge your pistol with a physical trick before hitting white Trickspheres
Game Mechanics:
⦿ Tired of no one making beatmaps for your favorite songs?
⦿ RhythmSlinger generates beatmaps from any.mp3 file, making gameplay endless
⦿ 20 tracks included to get started
⦿ Beatmap generation features Tilt, Lick, Beat Manipulation, and Progression
⦿ Beatmap generation features Beat Manipulation, Progression, and Tilt
⦿ Tilt changes the time signature of the song
⦿ Beat Manipulation changes how the band plays in a given section of the song
⦿ Progression allows users to spin from the beginning of the song to the end
⦿ Tilt, Lick, Beat Manipulation, and Progression can be applied at any time during the generation process
⦿ When Tilt or Progression are active, a set amount of time must pass to manipulate any following ticks (Beatmap Editing)
⦿ Works with chord progression to generate new patterns from any.mp3 file
⦿ Automatic beatmap editing and modification ability
⦿ Supports songs with beats only on the odd or even measures
⦿ Beatmap can be generated from any.mp3 file
⦿ Beatmap generation supports.mp3 and.wav files
⦿ Beatmap generation and editing
… Controls:
⦿ Use controller or keyboard with one hand to shoot Beatspheres with the other
⦿ Tilt, Lick, and Beat Manipulation require tilt, lick, or pressure held in one hand to function
⦿ Progression requires the right stick
⦿ Horizontal motion is best done by the left stick


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Because you’ve played dozens of farming sims, you might be expecting Pichon to be another farming sim, but this is much more. Just a few hours in and you’ll find yourself very involved in the story as the chicken finds herself trapped inside a shop, needing to outrun a menacing, dangerous man. How will you escape?

The premise of Pichon is simple, but it is executed so well that it is a lot of fun. In short: a shop owner runs away and a hen tries to find out who kidnapped her in a game. I won’t spoil the rest.

The gameplay is a mix of two-Dimensional and third-Dimensional (3D) experience. On the one hand you have a lot of the farm sim elements: you can view the shop from two points of view, which you can use to change the view to the inside of the shop or check the feed for the animals. The perspective also changes the amount of interaction you have, so you can hang out in the shop, talk to the animals, or stuff the feed into them. The animals, including the hen, are very interactive, but only if you touch them; many interactions will only appear on screen when you pet them.

You can move around in the shop via a top-down perspective, which is basically 2D with the ability to zoom out, and control your character’s movement.

The most interesting mechanic of the shop is the ability to turn corners by activating a pillar. If you activate it while in a certain position it will spin you around to a new position in the room. You will need to be careful in some places though, as activating the corner pillars while on a beam will put you in a fall.

The best thing to know about your shop is that it will be a different place every time you open it, and if you somehow unlock every item in the shop it will be fully customized. You can buy a robot who will build everything for you, but the best mechanic is that every time you visit the shop the items in it will be different, and not all the items you buy will be sold in the shop. I wouldn’t say it is a «you buy it, then you get it back when you have unlocked everything» mechanic, but it might be a good way to get your hands on rare items without having to do lots of grinding.

You can also, through many interactions, trade items with other players in your game or


What’s new in Witch Sacrifice:

may be worth your time (and money).


Prey is a first-person survival horror game. It takes place on a randomly generated island and features five playable characters with different abilities and weaponry. The story follows Adam as he tries to escape the island with his brother, Patrick. Will they make it out? You’ll have to play and find out! We gave this $17 game a 9.5/10.


There’s an old video game trope that if you want to know what a game looks like, play it. Prey will give you many opportunities to get a look at what it looks like; it’s even possible to watch the end of the game’s opening cutscene. But the best way to see what Prey looks like is to play it.


Prey is a first-person survival horror game. Players take on the role of an engineer named Adam who quickly finds himself on a large island where he can explore, explore, and explore some more. Adam becomes intimately familiar with his surroundings, the first being a very large, very fast, heavy monster he quickly names “Dog.”

There are a wide variety of environments to explore, as well as a huge variety of threats. Players can discover waterfalls, caves, schools, barns, and even underground facilities. Just about everywhere you go, something nasty may jump out at you. As a result, Prey begins with a moderately high kill-death ratio. Prey is genuinely terrifying.

The first part of Prey contains five unique survival-horror experiences in which players play as five distinct characters. There are light weapons, machine guns, shotguns, and heavy weapons. For each encounter, players will be given a particular objective. When successful, the character’s power meter will gain experience points. When complete, the mechanic will unlock a weapon for the character’s arsenal.

The game will eventually provide more weapons for use, as well as more tactical ways to defeat enemies. The game has something like 50 weapons, each with its own upgradable features. One of the best inclusions is the crafting system. Adam can find resources on the island, and he’ll be able to create weapons and tools to use in lieu of those in his inventory.

Graphically, Prey is, from a visual standpoint, very impressive. Prey has a very pleasing aesthetic with


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Game concept: Experience death.
Game genre: Survival Horror
About the concept of the game:
Experience death is a survival horror game with a strong gothic influence. Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of a grimy city, with a lot of arcane elements added to the mix. Though with a twist; if you play your cards right you might be able to pull out a win. No matter what, each new game starts will be a new adventure and a new chance to survive.
About the developer:
Mishance is an one-man made survival horror game. Starting life as a long term project for me, I eventually managed to release it as an alpha. I’d be very pleased to have your feedback.
The player takes the role of a desperate guy in modern day society.
He wakes up one day and soon finds himself surrounded by a strange glooms, and suspects that it is caused by a mysterious relic that caught his eye during his recent trip to the city. Stuck in a perpetual loop of paranoia and death, the player looks around to find out what’s going on in the city, what’s causing the strange glooms, and most importantly; where are his friends?
Every little action the player takes has a result, either by chance or by player will. What this adds in to the game is a non-linear progression of the game, with the player being able to choose how he wants to progress.
By manipulating things in the game, the player can make decisions that change the scenario of the game (like setting a certain store, and being told you can rest for a few days). On the other hand the player can make decisions that have a big impact later on in the game, like telling the story that she was sent to investigate the strange glooms, or interacting with a stranger by telling her that she was sent to investigate the strange glooms.
«There was a girl, Séren, whose name I didn’t know. Séren was sent here by her friends to find out what was going on in the city. She told me that she’s going to stay with me for a couple of days.»


Bioshock (sequel of Bioshock Infinite)


The first game I’d say. Not that it’s necessarily a good game or anything, but it starts with a rather simple premise, and (spoilers) just gets we


How To Crack:

  • Running Windows (XP or Windows 7) – Download the Astronium Game from the Astronium website, and run the setup file. After installation, run the game as an administrator. Nothing else should be required to make this work.
  • Windows running on Vista or Windows 8 – Download the file from the game site, extract it to a location, and run it. After running it as an administrator, run the game from the main menus. DO NOT run the game as an administrator when it is executed as part of the start menu, closing the start menu will make it end the process.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 – Download the telescope4app form the Astronium website and extract to a folder. After running Telescope4 app, click the Astronium game app as an existing applicatioon and let it run. On the main monitor, click on the game app main menu, select Appearance preferences and you should see ‘Disable on screen effects’.
  • Mac OS X 10.4 – Download the telescope4app from the Astronium website and extract to a folder. After running Telescope4 app, click the Astronium game app as an existing applicatioon and let it run. DO NOT launch Telescope4 by dragging to the Applications folder. Launch Telescope4 app by double clicking on the game inside your Applications folder, then run the Astronium app. After running it as an administrator, select Appearance preferences and you should see ‘Disable on screen effects’.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 Version 1909 64-bit
Windows 10 Version 1909 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Intel Core i3 or equivalent Memory: 8 GB RAM
8 GB RAM Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 450 Ti or equivalent, AMD Radeon R9 280 or equivalent, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or equivalent
Nvidia GeForce 450 Ti or equivalent, AMD Radeon R9 280 or equivalent, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or equivalent DirectX: Version 12
Version 12 Sound Card: Version 11 or above
Version 11 or


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