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Song «Glorious Victory» for «Kou Shibusawa’s Kou Shibusawa Archives» Song «Let’s Ride our Horses» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Carrying My Heart» for «Frontier Tribes» Song «Dreamless Forever» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «Sunder the Heavens» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Killing Time» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Coming Home» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «Let’s All Dance» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Synchronization» for «Frontier Tribes» Song «Manchurian Express» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «One and One Is One» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «The Proud People» for «Frontier Tribes» Song «Childhood Days» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «No Alternative» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «A Bad Dream» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «The Black Eagle» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Forever and Ever» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «We Wanna Dance» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Revolution» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Beautiful River» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Tears» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms» Song «Heartbroken» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Bring it On» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Hurricane» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Master’s Song» for «Romance of the Three Kingdoms Ⅳ with Power Up Kit» Song «Joyous» for «Rom


Download ZIP >>> DOWNLOAD

Download ZIP >>> DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Brand new start All the latest updates on this start!
  • Round up your servers! If this is your first time playing on the new server, you can create a brand new free server account and join your friends!
  • Not being loaded or overpopulated! We are now maintaining two official servers
  • How to play?

    Use the following links to download

    • UBM Mobile
    • UPlay
    • Playstation Store
    • The Sidux Store
    • USGS Store
    Welcome to Season 8! In this 8th round, Urban Blitz will be completely online, and we have some really interesting teams to see. However, extra caution is needed! If you are using non-official characters, you will be auto-rated into B tier and will have a lower win chance than other tiers. For those that wish to test their luck, we have replaced some of our old packs to increase the prize of packs. Number of new packs will increase to 40.

    End Note

    Welcome to Season 8! In this 8th round, Urban Blitz will be completely online, and we have some really interesting teams to see. However, extra caution is needed! If you are using non-official characters,


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    ◦ BUILD YOUR OWN UNIQUE SHIPS Select your Ship, Crew and Weaponry from hundreds of possibilities. In this game you will be spending hundreds of hours in building your own Ships. ◦ DEFEND YOUR EARTH FROM THE MOBBERS Fighting your way up the ranks you will be charged with defending Earth from the worst the Galaxy has to offer. ◦ SINGULAR MOMENTS Being in the cockpit of a spaceship is being part of the history, making a difference. ♦ Ready to Fly – The true space combat experience, tested by many pilots and the best RTS Games engines. ♦ Specialized Game Mechanics – A unique game mechanic that adapts to the situation. You will be able to pilot your ship from the cockpit or from your wingman with groundbreaking multiplayer features. ● Essential PC Tweaks – The game only launches on PC and requires its minimum configuration, at the same time it provides many utilities. ● Highly detailed Universe – The Galaxy only make sense if you have seen it. Explore it and get to know its secrets. ● Become legendary – Fight the battles and unlock achievements that will put you on the rankings of the best pilots in the Galaxy. ● Join the Southern Alliance – Free access to a series of content packs and the opportunity to join the Southern Alliance. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Request for Beta keys★ If you believe you have what it takes to be one of the super-pilots that will populate the Universe, we would be more than happy to get you in as a Beta Tester. Beta Testers are considered to be «VIPs» of the game, and if they provide us with valuable feedback we will be sure to reward them with special and not so special «Accessories.» Please fill out this short form: ★ Subscribe for More Unreleased Content★ Do you want to see more free content, cool events and giveaways like this? Subscribe and get more fun in your inbox! ★ Comment below with your contact!★ Share more about your interests in Space, Sci-fi and Planet Shimmers ★ DOWNLOAD YOUR GAME «CARACARÁ!»★ Play now on Steam: ★ SUPPORT US c9d1549cdd


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    – 1 to 4 player – Choose from 8 modular missions, 6 times of player’s choices – Detailed, easy to handle control – High quality game graphics – Single player, multi-player and LAN mode available For more information, visit Space Express Courier Play as a space courier! Deliver resources from one planet to another using your trusty, very fast and maneuverable spaceship. It’s easy, the more cargo you carry, the more money you make. But watch out, you could have a nasty crash, and the game is over then and there. Space Express Courier is an orbital-driven simulation/management game with a unique 1-4 player story-driven co-op gameplay. Basically it’s a space driving simulator mixed with a cargo game. You can manage your ship, save fuel and time, buy parts for repairs, collect money for upgrades, and even buy a new spaceship. You start at planet A, the planet that was just colonized, and have a certain amount of time to take off and deliver cargo. If everything goes smoothly, you can take off and land on any planet on this game. Gameplay Get hired by a cargo company that is the biggest transportation service company of the Terran Empire. Use your bus/truck/small space vehicle as a fast delivery delivery service which requires you to carry resources from one planet to another. The game has a story mode that you can play with friends. You and your friends will work together to complete the game by completing the story and by finishing a large number of cargo deliveries. There are many game situations that you will have to take into account. The game starts at planet A and you have to complete the delivery contract to planet B in the allotted amount of time. The story mode is playable with 1 to 4 players and each player assumes the role of the courier. Controls and Graphics There are two cursor buttons, the left button moves the cursor, the right button brings up the vehicle equipment screen. There is an automatic vehicle equipment rotation, so the player can play the game with any cursor button desired. There is a shield button, which when pressed, will make the game pause and a menu screen will appear. There are two in-game game menus. You can perform the main menu and city layout, shop or control vehicles. We hope you will enjoy playing this


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    Download ZIP >>> DOWNLOAD

    Download ZIP >>> DOWNLOAD

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