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NOTE: You will need a trial license key to activate the application.
Stock trading is a very fast paced environment, with tides shifting from hour to hour. Software applications help traders manage their accounts and make decisions before losing money. Xtreempoint is a Forex trading program that tracks multiple trends.
A straightforward application with no special requirements
The software is simple to install and can run on most modern operating systems. There is also a mobile counterpart that helps you stay in business even if you are on the move. You will require a stable Internet connection to receive updates and notifications in time. However, you cannot install the program on a virtual machine.
The general user interface is not complicated and features a candlestick pattern that tracks changes every fifteen, thirty minutes, one hour, four hours, daily and weekly. Depending on your interest in the market, you can shift to a comfortable tracking option.
Receive trading signals and market analysis
Xtreempoint is an independent software so it can cater the needs of any broker. It is easy enough to use and does not require any third-party indicators to generate accurate signals.
Using this program, you can track twenty-three currency pairs, gas, oil and metal markets. It offers a multi-time frame trend and a multi-tabbed environment. When the tides shift, you will receive notifications, and you can act on those trends.
The tool provides complementary functionality, such as a market analysis and a risk management feature. You can view how strong a trend is before engaging in actual trading. Moreover, you can calculate the risk to an account by trading certain amounts of money.
A complementary tool for brokers
In conclusion, Xtreempoint is a useful application that provides accurate and swift signals for trading on Forex markets. It provides reliable information to help traders decide when to act and when to stay their hands. However, it is not a complete tool for trading; it is more of a secondary application.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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XtreemPoint [Updated]

XtreemPoint Activation Code is a Forex and stock management software designed to help traders make the best trading decisions, from a simple overview of the markets to advanced trading strategies and tools.
Key Features:
* Track trends for up to 7 Time Frames
* Create your own time frames and Zones to help you structure your trading
* 24/5 Support – We are always on-call to help you out when you need it, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
* Internal Market Analysis including Trade Signals, Draw Trends and more
* Risk Management for trading against your account
* Manage your entire currency portfolio with multiple currency pairs
* Real-time tickers with Market Updates and Newest COT Listings
* Multiple Forex Exchanges including USD
* Manage your Stock Portfolio
* Customise the toolbars so that you can configure it to your trade preferences
* Ability to add your own indicators and add special functions to your own customised version of XtreemPoint.
* Import and export for most spreadsheet and database applications
* Host your own custom trading platform if you want to make money online.
* Ideal for small-time traders to make money as an active trader
* Run from a USB flash drive and requires no installation
* Free Trial
* £6.99/user for a demo account
* Current Freeware Download Link:

XtreemPoint Windows Version
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XtreemPoint Incl Product Key Free Download

XtreemPoint is a free Forex application, designed to help you follow short and long trends. It is simple to operate, but it can track price movements in twenty-three currency pairs and supports up to thirty-six time frames. Each pair is followed by an hourly, daily and weekly chart.

It can perform real-time price analysis for natural gas, gold and oil markets, and you can trade on the up or down trend. The automatic mode allows you to trade by using the order book.
Price analysis and trading
An automatic mode can analyze prices to see where the real action is. When the price rises in the first half hour, it doesn’t mean you should be in. However, the second half hour is when you need to be watching the prices. You can go on breaks when you notice that the trend has ended.
XtreemPoint can record all price analysis data, including price trends, and trade using strategies, stop-losses and lock-ins. You have complete control over your trading activity, even if your broker is not providing access.
The program offers trading with limits and a simple point-and-click interface. You will find a daily and hourly chart to follow trends and to see what opportunities exist in the market. When trading, you can see any pending orders and balance the current trading pair.
Free Forex Tool for commodity trading
XtreemPoint is a free, easy-to-use application that can serve as a competitor for platforms such as MetaTrader. Its straightforward design makes the program more user-friendly and less complicated to use.

It doesn’t require you to register and you can use any broker to manage your account. However, some brokers may require a trial license.
It is worth noting that XtreemPoint uses a trend and cycle trading methodology. It can track price movements in thirty-six time frames. The day-chart is updated every fifteen, thirty minutes, one hour, four hours, and daily.
Operating on smartphones and tablets
XtreemPoint is compatible with all Windows OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It can run as a desktop application or a mobile app. It can be used on any device that supports HTML, Java and JavaScript.
Although XtreemPoint is free, it cannot function on a virtual machine. It requires a stable Internet connection and requires the installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The software can be

What’s New In?

XtreemPoint is a powerful real-time live indicator & market news generator designed specifically for technical analysis & trading of Metals, Oil & Gas and CFDs.
✔ Create an unlimited number of time frames to track the markets over up to 120 minutes.
✔ Access live market updates from over 700 active commodity & derivative markets on over 150 exchanges.
✔ Access live market updates from over 700 active commodity & derivative markets on over 150 exchanges.
✔ Read market news and analysis from over 2000 news sources, live and delayed, every 15, 30, 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours.
✔ Select any section of an article and view the full text (HTML).
✔ Read market news and analysis from over 2000 news sources, live and delayed, every 15, 30, 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours.
✔ Browse the latest live market data for up to 100 unique markets and commodities.
✔ Access real-time live market news headlines from over 140 individual sources.
✔ Track market data by specific market, type, time, price or volume.
✔ Import & export data between various formats.
✔ Sort markets by ticker or trading name.
✔ Print market news and analysis on your mobile device.
✔ Use XtreemPoint as a standalone real-time stock broker.
✔ Create an unlimited number of stock trading accounts.
✔ Interactive charting interface and technical indicators.
✔ Graph either percent or dollar gains, losses or change vs. a specific price or index.
✔ Graph both Short term and Long Term charts (the ability to graph both is under development).
✔ View charts by day, week, month, year or ticker.
✔ View the top 20 charts by active orders.
✔ View the total amount of active orders or ones that have been executed.
✔ Current market updates are at the bottom of the page.
✔ Sort data from 1st to 2nd or on to last.
✔ View original or averaged historical data.
✔ Use automated trading conditions that will initiate an order when the current price crosses a certain threshold.
✔ Configure how frequently your trade conditions are evaluated in real-time and how aggressively your conditions should perform.
✔ Enable or disable the trading conditions you set.
✔ Use a weighted trading strategy where you can gradually increase or decrease the

System Requirements:

Xbox Live Gold Membership
Xbox Live GamerTag
HDMI Cable
(*) The download must be completed on a single system.
(**) Due to technical difficulties, downloading and updating is not available on the same system.
(***) New DLC will be required after successful update.
Xbox Live GamerTag: To download and update the software, you need a valid Xbox Live GamerTag. You can find out how to obtain an Xbox

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